Made it to another Fuck It Friday!

And the Padres WON!!! last night in a hella comeback, so we have one more day of baseball.

They do so much better when they’re having fun!

Oh, and the President and First Lady caught the ‘rona. I have zero fucks to give about their health and well being, which is right in line with their level of care about the rest of us.

I *do* care about all the support personnel he probably infected in the past 3-5 days because that dipshit won’t wear masks or follow any safety protocols and has been all over the damn place doing fucking rallies, and those folks can’t opt out of their jobs.

In very small victories yesterday – here is Lily’s lovely new feeding station!

A black metal basket with cat food and treats
All the foods!

I whiffed a bit on the baskets – despite the fact that the specs clearly showed that they were square baskets, I thought they were rectangular. But – the other ones will still work for the counter from hell.

My brother took one look and said, “She has way too much food!” LOL. But all her food and treats are IN ONE SINGLE PLACE, and I can easily see when I need to pick up more of anything, which is better than the previous system which was “all of it all over the damn place in random bags from the grocery store.”

It may sound silly, but damn, that little corner of the kitchen is incredibly fucking soothing. Thank you Home Edit ladies for making me realize, “Heeeeey, I could use some baskets in the kitchen!” I’ll be doing the counter from hell this weekend.

Happy Fuck It Friday friends – you made it. Well done.

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