So Happy It’s Thursday…

And my weekend is here. Little bro’s birthday was yesterday and today I’m making cupcakes, tomorrow a fancypants dinner since we can’t go out, and Saturday, meatloaf & mashed potatoes. It should all be very yummy.

I have got some serious pandemic brain this week – yesterday I accidentally took someone else’s sandwich at Starbucks (I tried to pay for it today, but they wouldn’t let me) and then my brother pointed out that my car is two months past due for its safety inspection. Usually I am very on top of that, and I just can’t even explain how that one got away from me AT ALL.

I’ll be totally honest – I’m very, very tired.

Even though masking up and scrubbing myself silly with alcohol wipes and six feet of distance is second nature, Covid is still always at the forefront of my mind and it’s tiring.

Add to it an administration that is so inept that they have infected half the White House and I shit you not, now blaming Gold Star Families for it…

That perpetual anger over being utterly abandoned by our government and their utter refusal to take responsibility for ANYTHING, and the GOP backing them up at every damn turn…well, I guess it’s no wonder I feel perpetually in need of a nap.

And that fucking idiot is refusing to do a remote debate – the safest thing to do, and what the VP debate *should* have done given Covid Mike and his freakin’ pink eye – because…well, he’s a fucking idiot.

Seriously – you know 45 was counting on Biden dropping out of in person debates for his own safety and using that against him, and now he does this?

I cannot even fathom another 4 years of this. I can’t deal with the cruelty, the stupidity, the graft, the incompetence, any of it any more.

Not only do I want Biden to win, but I want 45 to be truly and utterly crushed. I want the results to be a total and utter repudiation of 45 and the GOP and everything they’ve done. And I want us to never forget this shitshow and never let it happen again.

Would a Biden administration be perfect? Of course not. But with a more progressive House & Senate, can we keep pushing them to be better? Hell, yes.

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