Got my diagnosis

The tooth I thought was the problem, is not in fact the problem.

It is *a* problem, as my teeth have FUCKING SHIFTED AND OPENED UP A SPACE BETWEEN THE TOOTH AND THE IMPLANT. The tooth next to the implant that I was sure was very fucked up is actually OK.

So, they will have to pop off the existing implant and put a wider one on so there is no big space there where food will get perpetually caught.

The bigger problem is the two (of course, TWO) teeth on the other side of the implant.

One has to come out, the other we may be able to get away with a root canal, but it may actually need an implant as well.

He’ll be emailing me the treatment plans later today… I do not even want to think about how much this is going to run me, since my insurance is shit and he is expensive.

But I’ve got a course of antibiotics and a bottle of acidophilus, which means in the next 24-48 hours I should feel less like dogshit, so that’s something.

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