Oddly excited

To go see my dentist this morning, if for no other reason, once it is confirmed that my tooth is mucked up, then, hey, it’s not Covid! (And of course, some sort of treatment to make it better.)

I mean, rationally, there is no reason to think I have contracted it given my activities, but yeah, that’s where your brain is going to go these days.

Still mad I tried so hard to keep my mouth in working order until I or my dentist could get a jab and it didn’t work.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And I am not even remotely surprised that the yahoo in the White House, despite being hospitalized and getting pumped full of experimental drugs and steroids, is *still* not taking this seriously and putting others in harms way for his ego. But – I am utterly ENRAGED by his behavior.

Also, what the hell is with the pictures of him signing blank pieces of paper and being “on a conference call” while looking menacingly at the camera? He looks like an idiot.

OK, time to go brush and floss and rinse. Even took a cough suppressant just so I don’t accidentally cough all over my dentist while he’s checking out my tooth. Unlike some people, I AM THINKING ABOUT THOSE AROUND ME.

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