Was nice. Weird, but nice. I saw several folks I haven’t seen in six months. Wish it had been under better circumstances.

It was also a stark example of the fact that there is zero consensus in this country over what is “safe” these days. Outside is safer than inside. Outside with masks is safer that just outside. Outside with masks & distance is safer than that. But, folks will just stop at “outside vs inside” and be done with it and feel perfectly comfortable.

My friends have a four household bubble for childcare/support needs. It’s working for them, which is fantastic, but I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it. (There was no “if I die, I die” attitude anywhere, just…different ideas of safe.)

Also, outdoor dining is great, but about that 6 feet? That 6 feet needs to be between *people* – which means the tables should be probably ~9 feet apart. (I spent all my time standing, and not in one place for terribly long…)

Also yesterday, the local Klan MAGATS showed up at our one early voting location to harass people. Fuck them. Like, what the fuck confidence do you have in your candidate that you have to harass folks trying to vote?

On the flip side, turnout for early voting has been ridiculous and they’ve had to open additional rooms at the government center to accommodate it – I will admit when I heard them saying on the radio “we weren’t prepared for this turnout” it made me want to bash my head into a wall. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

I mean, this definitely sounded like someone who hasn’t had one package lost and another destroyed by the post office in the space of two weeks and still had some level of faith in the mail. But, they are tending to it as quickly as they can.

I’ll be very interested to see what the lines are like Friday afternoon and whether or not I have to deal with 45’s chucklefucks out there.

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