I have to go to a memorial service/wake/whathaveyou this afternoon. My friends brother passed away this spring and this is the first chance they’ve been able to do anything.

It’s outside, which is the only way I’d attend, so that’s good, but I’m still a bit anxious about a gathering, but at least it’s a sunny and breezy day.

I am wishing I’d ordered this electrified walking stick to keep people the fuck away from me. But I think it will be OK. I’m not going to let this fuck up all the work I’ve put in to not catch this shit. A friend of mine & my brother’s will also be there and he’s a bit twitchy about it too, so we’ll be likely sticking together/apart on the outskirts of all this.

And of course, because this is a somewhat somber thing, it’s given me all sorts of other things to obsess about over the past two weeks.

What to wear, is it clean, which shoes, etc, etc. It’s weird cause I haven’t had to think about anything like that for a good six months. Normally I’d wear nice shoes/heeled boots, but I suspect I’ll be standing more than sitting, so I decided on my Chucks since they’re all black, but guess what – I cannot find them this morning.

But oh wait, I have flats that are comfortable enough. Which of course, are missing a sole insert (I seem to recall a coffee spillage incident which required the removal of the one.) Quick trip to CVS for that this morning.

Oh, and a purse. My leather backpack is great, but kind of heavy, so yesterday’s lunch was racing in and out of the Hallmark shop for a crossbody bag that is lightweight, freakishly neutral (black & white pattern), and has space for wallet, hand wipes, etc. (I am not someone who stockpiles purses.)

I have no solid color masks (unless the VB shipment that is out for delivery arrives before I leave) but I do have one that matches my shirt and is a reasonably appropriate pattern. (I’d love to wear my flamingoes or penguins, but yeah, not appropriate for this.)

My purse is stocked. Wallet, new package of hand wipes (40 count! 75% alcohol!,) 10 individually wrapped disposable masks for anyone in need (hey, you can get those now at the drug store – shows how long it’s been since I’d been in a drug store), extra bottle of hand sanitizer to back up the keychain bottle (refilled this morning.) Extra filters for reusable masks for anyone that may want one. Pack of kleenex for anyone who needs to do the tissue trick to unfog glasses.

Seriously, all it’s missing is juice boxes and granola bars.

I’ve got makeup on. Jacket has been de-wrinkled. Shoes have inserts. Earrings on. (Hey! My piercings didn’t close up!) Mask that coordinates with shirt has coordinating clip on the back, cause safety, but make it fashion.

And the VB masks did just get here, but I’m sticking with my purple paisley, cause fuck it, there needs to be something pretty today.

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