My San Diego Padres MADE THE PLAYOFFS!! Considering I didn’t think the MLB season would last a week cause of the ‘rona, and it’s been a while since they had a good season, this is pretty exciting.

And…I have no one to share it with in person.* I mean, I’m the only Padres fan at my little bar, but I bet I could have some converts who would cheer with me during the playoffs. But, Lily & I will cheer them on at home. (Man, that part of it suuuuuuucks.)

We last made the playoffs in 2006 – 14 years ago. But, 2006 doesn’t feel like it was 14 years ago? IDK, time is a mess.

In other news, it’s 47º and the heat is on here at Chez Chatte. Excellent sleeping weather, and terrible get your ass out of bed weather. And yet, I’m still sitting here with a bigassed cold brew this morning.

I am not ready for it to be Monday just yet. I crashed out early after yesterday’s game, but the weekend was just not long enough. At least we get paid this week, and have an early out on Friday, which will be taken up by voting.

But I could just use one more day off.

*Yeah, my brother is here, but he has his own stuff going on.

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