Everything is totally normal.

I mean, it’s very healthy and such to be having dreams about getting in fights with government agents who are stealing mailboxes, right?

Gotta say, my administration/pandemic/GOP related anger/depression/anxiety has reached new highs, which I didn’t think possible, but it is on brand for 2020. I mean, how can the R’s not care that the USPS fuckery is *literally* killing people? So many insurance companies require using mail order pharmacies, and folks aren’t getting their meds and WHY DON’T THEY CARE?

I mean, I get they’re all about getting and keeping power, but jesus, you’d think there would be a line somewhere, like, I don’t know, their constituents dying from lack of medications. How are they not just a little bit bothered by it?

How do you deal with a party that doesn’t even concern itself with the basics like keeping folks alive? Other than burn it to the ground and salt the earth in November – I’ve got nothing.

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