Welp, it’s officially Joe.

Remember when we pondered the possibility of a brokered convention? I’ll admit, I’ve not watched a bit of the convention – I’m not the target audience, my vote is solid already, and I am not going to learn anything new. Also, I’m really fucking sick of political campaigns, and this year has been mild to say the least, given the pandemic.

And I get to make another round of calls to my reps today – not only do I want them to drag DeJoy over the coals, I want them to force him to provide a timeline and proof of fixing all the shit he’s broken so far. Just suspending the breaking of shit is not enough.

The best part of the last 36 hours has been being really fired up about baseball and Fernando Tatis Jr’s grand slam on a 3-0 count. Fuck the “unwritten rules” – if you’re down 10-3 and you let the bases get loaded and then someone hits a grand slam off you? Your bullpen is having a terrible day and you shouldn’t expect the other team to go easy on you. And hells bells, we’re in the middle of the suck – let us have the joy of a grand slam. (Also, so fun to be fired up about something that isn’t connected to coronavirus or this shit administration.)

Get out there and swing for the fences.

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