Well, I guess it’s not *bad* news

The house has moved up the hearing with DeJoy to August 24th rather than mid-September.

So, my voicemail to Gerry Connolly was a little less angry than it would have been, though I did say that the 24th still isn’t soon enough, but not much else I can do.

My message to Mark Warner wasn’t quite as kind as I told him he needs to get McConnell to reconvene the Senate and they need to get their asses back to work because yet ANOTHER recess in the middle of a pandemic, plus the election fuckery is just unacceptable.

And Tim Kaine? His office doesn’t even have voicemail? WTF? They’re gonna hear about that on top of everything else tomorrow.

I don’t mind participating in government. Hell, I’m on a first name basis with my state delegate. (Starbucks office hours FTW. Can’t wait to be able to do that again.)

I do mind having to tell my reps in Congress to just DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS. Statements of concern do nothing, I want to see them DO THEIR DAMN JOBS.


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