I’m trying to be good!

Even though Starbucks is open again, I am still dutifully making coffee at home, and grab & go is reserved for times when I am already out and about, or a weekend treat.

But *someone* made a latte last night and there was only enough milk left for 3/4 of a cup of coffee this morning*…

So, Starbucks it is!

Grocery pickup is today, and I think this is the first time since we started the weekly pickups that we’ve actually run out of milk before the pickup, so that’s actually pretty impressive in my weird mind.

*OK, what was left of my at home cold brew was a bit sludgy, too, and the cup I did make was…not delicious. I accidentally got pre-ground from the beach shop and it may be too fine a ground for cold brew – may be making a regular pot before bed now and just sticking it in the fridge while I go through this batch. THE ADJUSTMENTS WE HAVE TO MAKE IN A PANDEMIC.

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