A decent nights sleep

And I’m slightly less “fuck the universe” this morning. Being Saturday doesn’t hurt, either.

My only nod to Phase II is getting grab and go at Starbucks. This morning there was a tiny antique car gathering in the parking lot there, a handful of Model A Fords, a Triumph, and a Datsun Z. I think they usually do this on Saturday mornings in the side parking lot at my bar, but that’s been converted to patio seating, hence the relocation. Cool cars, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to snap a pic because I was too distracted by the fact that half the old men WEREN’T WEARING MASKS AND WERE STANDING TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER.

In other news, 45 is postponing the Tulsa rally that had been scheduled for Juneteenth. I don’t think for a second they had a sudden attack of self-awareness or conscience. I think poor attendance was predicted and/or the Secret Service told him they couldn’t ensure his safety, given that Tulsa’s cases are going through the roof. It’s not like they can rapid test 20K people at the gates.

I’m writing this morning from my bedroom with the LilyMonster, cause she has a vet appointment in half an hour to get her rabies shot, and it’s going to be far easier to wrangle her into her crate in the hall from here. She’s confused that we’re sort of working, but happy to be chilling on the bed with me. She’s gonna be pissed at me later, so I’m enjoying her happiness now.

The vets office is doing social distancing, so we’ll do a parking lot handoff. She’s very good at the vet, but I’m a bit crushed I can’t be there with her. I am also thinking it would be a great time to have a crate with wheels so I could just roll her across the lot to them, LOL.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up on the bed

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