Well, we made it to Friday

And the President very much wants to run a tank through the middle of Seattle.

If only he’d been this amped up to do something about the pandemic. Last night I had a big wallop of sad over all this. The Feds just never even really tried. Not on testing, not on containment, not on helping folks to stay home safely. They just never gave a rats ass about it. I’d feel better about it if they’d even tried and failed, but – they just didn’t even try.

And the states… Well, some tried more than others, but it seems they’re just all giving up, too. And when you have no support from the Feds, there’s only so much you can do.

Granted, we’ve known this for a while, but it just went from anger to sadness last night for whatever reason – I suppose like everyone else, I’m tired and I ran out of energy for constant incandescent rage.

So, on we go to Phase II. Don’t get me wrong – our cases *are* going down. But right now, our 7 day new case total is just about the same as it was on April 23. We sure as shit didn’t think it was safe to have restaurants, or salons, or anything else open then – why is it safer now?

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 8.14.36 AM

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