Terrific Tuesday!

Gonna take a moment to plug one of my favorite Twitter accounts: CROUTON!! He’s the starring cow on the account at the SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary. They do equine therapy with veterans, and are a sanctuary with horses, pigs, donkeys, geese, and two cows, Crouton & Pumpernickel. They’re not prolific posters, but always have a nice soothing photo or video. Give them a follow and if you have some $$ to spare, it’s nice to help an org that helps both animals & people.

In fucking Covid news, they’re finally doing something sort of resembling large-ish scale, no-docs-note required testing in the county later this week – I don’t have any real details on it except that the news just mentioned it – the county website doesn’t even have info on it. If it’s like the one going on today in a neighboring county, it’s 1K tests and will fill up immediately.

While this is good – there’s no rhyme or reason to it. As it stands now, beyond these drive thru spots (which have been rare) – all testing is through medical outlets, and most folks who aren’t symptomatic or don’t have a known contact aren’t walking into a medical facility to ask for a test, and because our contact tracing has been shit and I have no doubt there are TONS of folks who should be tested that don’t even know it – we aren’t testing enough folks. We need an actual specific testing PLAN that is proactive – what we have is still reactive and scattershot.

Our cases by zip code map might as well just be an income/housing density map. Make a plan to get into the hardest hit zip codes/neighborhoods, test EVERYONE and move out from there. Provide financial support for anyone who has to quarantine.

Is that a perfect approach? Probably not, but it would be an actual coordinated approach, which we do not appear to have right now.

It’s very frustrating, because the way things are now, we’re never going to be able to safely do shit until there is a vaccine, and because we’re *not* providing adequate financial support to people, we’re going to keep seeing community spread because folks can’t afford to stay home and be safe.

On a bit of a hilarious (and sad) note – rolling bumper tables so you can social distance at the bar. It’s so very Ocean City. (Not even worth it as far as I’m concerned, but it was good for a laugh.)

As I tell the LilyMonster around this time every morning, it’s time to go do the thing. You have a good day.

Lily, a black & orange tortoiseshell cat, sleeping on a fleece blanket.

Quite the supervisor

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