OK, let’s try this again…

We are up to day 65 of everything normal fully going the fuck out the window, but we’re gonna muck through another day the best we can.

The news just said, “Hey, we made it to 8AM!” so seems they’re struggling a bit, too.

They’re covering businesses and such reopening. We’re gonna see a hella June surge, because we still don’t have capacity to properly trace/track/isolate. Hell, last weekend a woman in California went to church on Sunday, popped positive on Monday and there are 180 exposed folks out there.

I understand that businesses need to reopen because the federal assistance was shit, but it’s going to be a disaster.

Since the beginning of March, I’ve kept a little spreadsheet of where I’ve been and when. When the first two cases popped in Northern Virginia, I waited and waited for any kind of announcement of “Hey, if you’ve been in place X on day Y, please get in touch the health department” – like they do every time there is a measles case in the area. And it never happened, not for those cases or any since then. That is still utterly mind blowing to me.

*Now* the state is talking about hiring upwards of 1000 contact tracers. I’m not saying it’s worthless at this point, but the horses are out of the barn and three counties away.

Alrighty. I’ve got a bigassed cup o joe, and an income to go earn.

Let’s do this.

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