Confession Thursday…

I went to Starbucks this morning. I had to run up to the gas station and well, as long as I was out anyway… It was busier than the other day, but I hadn’t been thinking about the fact they don’t have that pre-commute rush anymore, so still kinda sparse for 7AM on a weekday. They have a setup that works – mobile ordering only, you poke your head in and let them know you’re there, if your order isn’t ready yet, you go stand on one of the taped off boxes outside. A touch kludgy, but safe. AND I HAVE A VERY LARGE STARBUCKS TREAT!

Speaking of gas stations – if you’re looking for hand sanitizer, check your local gas station. Our has had hand sanitizer for a couple weeks now, and they’ve added masks & bandanas to their inventory. The sanitizer is an industrial/generic brand, but one whiff of what was in the bottle, and it is *definitely* hand sanitizer. They’re really proud of the fact that they have it, and it’s really sweet – very much “hey community, we have an important thing to help!!”

Northern Virginia is not moving to Phase I this Friday, with the Governor’s blessing, which is definitely for the best. Unlike Wisconsin, where folks are just fucked (and stupid):

And dammit, the BBC News channel is out *again* for me. It’s not just that one, it appears to be a series of non-HD channels that don’t have an HD equivalent, but the BBC News is the one I actually watch every morning. When I called the other day, the tech said that if the resets he did on his end didn’t work, they usually sent out new cable cards for TiVo’s – I’ll be calling later today to see if they can send me a couple. I should probably order some new coax cable, cause who knows the last time that was replaced. As SwiftOnSecurity says, it’s usually the cables.

I’m watching the Today show instead and my god, it’s painful. So. Much. Blather.

OK, I’m gonna go do some capitalism, you stay safe and healthy.

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