Super Sunday!

Or something like that, I don’t even know anymore, LOL.

I’ve hit the point of stay at home where I’m starting to get pissy with people who appear to have all this free time and energy. Folks are remodeling their houses with kitchen utensils and I am perpetually in need of a nap.

The most adult and responsible thing I’ve done outside of work in the past 3 days is reorder the cleaning fish for my humidifier.

The federal response continues in its staggering incompetence:

“Oh, they’re totally sterile proper swabs for collection, we just put them in the wrong boxes.” Bitch, please. I continue to be completely done with these fuckwits.

I’m tired and frustrated and angry and I’d really like to not be, but I don’t see that changing anytime soon. :/

And as I write this, my friend with the PhD is Psychology just posted an article entitled, “You need to walk outside every day.”

*Takes stock of current mood*
*Think about last time I went for walk*

Maybe it’s time for a jaunt around the block.

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