Seriously, HOW?? Yes, I know how time works, but we just did a Monday like, 3 days ago.

And my brother just finished the pot of coffee I made. ACK. At least I realized it before I went back to get a second cup. Kettle is back on and we’ll just start work a few minutes later than usual. (Hey, we’re in a pandemic, they’ll have to understand I had to make more coffee, LOL. Plus, my ‘late’ is still early, cause that’s how I roll.) And he did clean the pot out, so, points for him.

The weekend just wasn’t really restful enough, and I didn’t sleep particularly well last night to boot, so I’m again staring down the work week with bleary eyes and a foggy brain. Super performer, that’s me.

I was thinking about how things are going to eventually reopen, and how I’m feeling a bit twitchy about it, and wondered, “OK, what business can I look at and say, ‘OK, if they’re open, well, let’s do this.'”

And I can’t think of one. I can’t think of a single business right now that wouldn’t put their employees and customers at risk for the sake of reopening.

And lacking even a temporary UBI, employees are going to be forced to go back to work because the bills aren’t stopping for anyone, and you can’t claim unemployment over an unsafe work environment.

American Exceptionalism, indeed.

Welp, coffee is ready, mug has been refilled, let’s go test some software.

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