Day…45? Damn.

And it’s a grey, cold, kinda gross day. Which is not awesome in regular times, and worse given that I really should be outside putting together the little greenhouse I ordered, and cleaning out the back of my car so groceries can be loaded into it tomorrow night. But…cold and gross outside.

OK, I went out and rearranged shit in the back of my car for tomorrow night, and FOUND A FOUR PACK OF CHARMIN!!!!!! It must have been from when we went to the beach. (The houses have toilet paper, but we invariably need more, so I usually toss a small pack into the car before we go. GO LAST YEAR ME.) Between this and the 3 pack of Puffs I found last week, I feel like I’m sitting on a goldmine of paper products here.

I had a Reese’s Egg for breakfast…er, lunch, so yeah, all about the healthy eating here.

Dinner tonight is coming straight off the kids menu: Chicken fingers & fries. Sure, they’re FANCY chicken fingers – coated in a mayo/dijon mustard mix and rolled in Italian breadcrumbs w/Parmesan cheese and baked – but chicken fingers nonetheless, LOL.

In other news, I am far too excited about my market reinstating the order online/curbside pickup service now that stock levels aren’t all jacked up. I can continue to tweak the order until noon tomorrow, and you can get beer! (The beer thing is likely not at all new, but it’s quite the novelty for me.)

The IHME heathdata site is saying Virginia can theoretically start relaxing social distancing after June 4th. I like that date a lot more than the May 8th date the Governor was floating on Friday. Granted, I’ll probably be very twitchy no matter what date it ends up being, but it’s something reasonable to look forward to.

And somehow, it is already 4PM. Seems like a good time for a weekend snooze to me.

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