Slight tactical error

On grocery pickup. Should have done a midday pickup vs evening, as things are more likely to still be in stock.

And I’m not sure they’re actually doing substitutions right now, even though my account is set for it, cause I’m pretty sure they would have subbed out the yellow plastic cups for another color. (Kicker, everything that was out of stock is still showing available online…) I am guessing they’re so overwhelmed with these orders that they just don’t even have time to try and do subs, and if they don’t see something on the shelf at first glance, there is just not time to go searching for it.

I’ll may give it another whirl, cause it is convenient and a timesaver, but it may be less frustrating to just go inside and do my own subs on the fly like I do any other day, and leave the slot for someone who simply cannot go in.

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