Another Friday

It’s getting to be like Groundhog Day around here… But hey, you’re here, you made it another week, and that’s a success these days. Woke up *not* all stiff this morning because I did my usual flailing about in my sleep and kept everything unfrozen, which made for a great wake up.

So, the Cheeto in Chief’s plan to reopen is at least semi-coherent, but is completely dependent on massive levels of testing, which we don’t have, so, it’s kinda shit.

As much as I am NOT enjoying any of this, I’d rather stay in longer than open everything up and have cases & deaths spike again. (And not gonna lie, I would be pissed that all this fucking staying in kinda went to waste.)

And we could do it, IF THE FEDS WOULD GIVE PEOPLE MONEY TO STAY HOME. Then they could pay their bills, maybe get some fun things, and in the process, keep the economy limping along. But god forbid we just give people cash.

Had a realization yesterday – now that the market is doing the 20% capacity thing – I can just go basically whenever, rather than trying to go at lunch when it’s less crowded – might have to wait to get in, but the waiting area is actually inside, so, I can just go right after work now or in the middle of the day on the weekend, which I’d been avoiding for…almost two months now? So, that’s a good thing.

So, does anyone else have these fleeting flashes of “well, if this is the new normal, I am going to kickass!!”? I did the other morning… I’ll get up earlier! I’ll eat better! Daily yoga and weight work again! I’ll walk at lunch and after work every day! I’ll clean house! I’ll work on my artistic pursuits!!

Folks, I’ve eaten two salads and had a glass of juice while my morning coffee has been brewing since that thought, and that’s it, LOL. Well, I did wake up early this morning, but it was kind of on accident, and as I sit here enjoying my coffee and the BBC news, I don’t think it’s going to translate into logging on to work early.

Last night, we broke a 30+ day streak of eating in and got pizza. Lily missed pizza nights more than I had realized – this happened somewhere between the first slice coming out of the box and going back for a second:

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, happily curled up on a warm pizza box.

Mmm, warm pizza box

Have a nice, calm day.

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