So, about those lockdown protestors

They can eat a bag of dicks as far as I am concerned. And 45 being all “Liberate Virginia” with the bonus 2nd Amendment garbage…well, by now you all know how I feel about that asshole.

If these assholes weren’t putting other people in danger with these protests, I wouldn’t give a shit if they all ended up testing positive. But of course, they can’t think about who they might be hurting because they’re getting bored staying at home and decided it would be fun to go have a white supremacist rally. (Michigan – Proud Boys.)

And as far as Virginia and the 2nd Amendment… Those regulatory bills were going to get signed pandemic or not. 45 and his knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing troglodyte followers can fuck right off. Liberate Virginia, my ass.

Fuck, I am not completely unsympathetic here. Being unemployed in normal times is scary, and even more so now. Being stuck at home sucks. Trying to homeschool kids when you don’t normally homeschool your kids is hard, and sucks. In short, everything kinda sucks right now.

But we can’t just open everything up again and pretend it’s all normal. That will hurt a lot of people and get folks killed.

I miss going to my bar every weekend. I am in desperate need of hair salon services. I would love to go have my Saturday breakfast at my diner. I did not realize until now how much of an ingrained ritual it was to pop into Starbucks and say good morning to everyone until now, and I miss that, too. I want to sit down an watch a ballgame that is actually happening *now* like you would not believe.

All of those “breaks from life” – I miss them, and it’s really hard to not have them and have this hovering over us 24/7 with few ways to escape. It’s all hard right now. It takes a toll on your mental and physical health.

Only being able to go to the store and for walks isn’t exactly exciting, but it’s not nothing. We’re not locked in. We can do this.

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