A bleary eyed good morning

Day..holy shit, 35.

Woke up this morning with a stiff & owie neck & shoulders and I know why – this happens when I sleep and apparently forget to actually move at all. (Plus needing new mattress & pillows doesn’t help.) Fixed almost immediately with some cussing and stretching, but when you’re in the midst of a pandemic where “body aches” could be a symptom, your first thoughts on waking up end up being WHERE IS THE THERMOMETER???

97.1 Whew. I mean, it’s a little higher than usual, but within the normal range I’ve established in the last month. (Another weird pandemic thing…)

But, just not the way you want to wake up, especially on top of a night where the LilyMonster decided she MUST get into the guest room. (There is no wildlife in there, she would just keep breaking in and just standing in the middle of the room, because, REASONS.) She’s just not allowed in there as there is just too much trouble she can get into. Weekend project: fix the door so it fully latches again.

I am just so frustrated at the talk of “opening things back up” – especially with the group of chucklefucks that have been picked to figure this out. We just can’t. Virginia hasn’t even tested 1% of the population and we have an infection rate of almost 15% of those tested right now, and we haven’t even hit our peak. Sure, we have to think about how we’re going to do this and come up with a solid plan, but these idiots are gonna rush it and we’ll just be fucked again.

Yeah, we’re gonna have a recession. It’s a given. And the government is failing people left and right here – jesus, GIVE PEOPLE MONEY TO STAY HOME. Just do it. No means testing, just give them money. For a while. A $1200 one-time, front-end means-tested payment is shit. Though it’s exactly what I’d expect these days. The IRS can’t even tell me if I am eligible – I know the answer is probably not, but jesus, it would be nice to have it to tuck away for later.

My company isn’t going to feel recession effects right away – it will be delayed as companies either don’t switch to our software, or downgrade support plans when they renew. So, I’m concerned about later – and have resigned myself to a layoff at some point, as my position is pretty much a luxury in my department. I have some security on a special project I’m working on, but that should be done in June, then I suspect all bets are off. And of course, the expanded unemployment ends in July. So, yeah, another thing to prep for. I’d love to take a mental health day here soon, but it’s hard to shake the feeling of “save that vacation payout”. Ugh. It’s not that I’m slacking off at work by any means, but there are good days and not great days, and I know how these things work well enough that they’ll remember the slowdown in productivity and forget the pandemic part when decision making time comes around.

And in other things I’d probably not even notice in normal times… Despite the fact that we very much need the dehumidifier we have in the basement, it seems I need a humidifier in my room. I routinely wake up feeling like there are rocks in my nose and I have a little thermometer/humidistat in there, and the humidity is routinely under 40%. I swear to god, any and all bar tab savings have been eaten up by other random assed things I need in a pandemic.

Speaking of random assed things you need in a pandemic, I’ve given up on my no-sew masks. My bandanas are apparently are of a far too high quality and I can’t breathe in them cause they’re so nice & thick, so I’ve ordered some pre-made ones – from a catnip toy company on the recommendation of a Twitter friend. (Lily got some catnip goodies out of the deal to boot.) I had hesitating on ordering any before now as I wanted several, as I didn’t want just one that would have to be immediately laundered (I am currently putting my used ones in grocery bags and tossing them down the laundry chute to be done as part of regular laundry) – and upon opening the page, they had info on bulk orders. Well, 5 ladies & 5 gents masks it is then.

Well, time to go give it the old college try at work. Here’s a Lily, fresh off some morning zooms.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on a bookshelf in front of a window.


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