Baby It’s Cold Outside

Today’s high was 47º – not too bad.  Now it’s currently 16º and the projected low for tonight is 3º.  The projected high for tomorrow is a whopping 17º.  With windchills, it will feel as low as -13º.  The Polar Vortex is inbound.  (Is it just me or does Polar Vortex sound like a comic book villain?)

The normal high/low for the area for this time of year is a high of 44º with a low of 27º.

Schools are closed tomorrow, and if I had to go out and do the office grind, I know I would be incredibly disgruntled about it.  (Thank god for grad school, and if tomorrow’s weather isn’t incentive to come up with a home-office freelance-life in the future, I’m not sure what is.)

I have heard grumbling about the schools being closed, but we just don’t normally get temps this low around here.  There are going to be buses that refuse to start.  Schools where the heat decides to crap out.  And one thing that everyone seems to keep forgetting is that there are kids that just do not have the kind of cold weather gear needed for going out and standing around waiting for a bus in these temperatures.  Sure, your family may go skiing every year and has all kinds of cold weather gear.  Or you used to live in Colorado, or Montana or somewhere like that.  But that isn’t everyone in this county by any stretch of the imagination.  I don’t even have the kind of cold weather gear needed to stand outside and wait for a bus in 3º weather.

Sure, it’s an inconvenience whenever the schools have an unscheduled closing.  But I think frostbite is more inconvenient.  I don’t understand why parents would be upset about the county erring on the side of safety and caution.  Hell, one of our local restaurants announced earlier that they would be closing at 7PM tonight and wouldn’t reopen until Wednesday.  If a profit-motivated business feels it’s not safe for their employees, why would you fault the county for trying to keep the kids safe?

Disgruntled Dog

Disgruntled Dog

Now, I’ve got a disgruntled resident in my house as well.  Moxley does not like the wind unless he can be outside in it playing Wild Dog of the Tundra, and he’s on a 5 minute outside time limit for the time being.  (Left to his own devices, he will just park himself on the deck for an inordinate amount of time, which is fine on a late spring evening.  Tonight, not so much.)  He also isn’t terribly fond of my new camera.

Stay warm, folks.

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