Today’s high: 22º

I ventured outside long enough to get some snow off my car, and that was it.  How to deal with weather this miserably cold?  Stay inside, read, and make the best cheese grits ever.

Best Cheese Grits - Grits, Chicken Broth, Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Hot Sauce

Best Cheese Grits

The trick is using chicken broth instead of water.  And the chipotle sauce gives it a nice heat without it being too hot.  Perfect for a freakishly cold day.

1/4 c. old fashioned grits (NOT instant)
1 1/8 c. chicken stock or broth (you can go with a cup if you don’t feel like messing with the 1/8 bit.)
2 ounces shredded cheddar cheese
chipotle hot sauce
salt & pepper

Bring the stock to a boil, add grits, stir well.  Set heat to LOW and cover.  At the 6 minute mark is where I add some salt and pepper (not much, just a little).  Cover again, and at 12 minutes add the cheese (I don’t actually measure it – just a handful or two) and a couple splashes of the hot sauce.  Stir until the cheese is all melted, and enjoy.  (Put the pan to soak immediately, or you will end up with grits cement in the pan.)

If you can get hold of chipotle cheddar cheese, that works really well.  (My market is hit or miss on having it in stock.)  I also have some chipotle gouda in the fridge and now I’m wondering how that would work.  Tomorrow’s high will only be 36º!

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