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Life’s a Beach

I swear, nothing makes it more apparent that I’ve turned into my parents than the annual trip to the beach. While I love the ocean, actually sitting on the beach is pretty much last for all I am excited about. … Continue reading

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So, what now?

Sent off my final write up for my archives class this morning. 9 pages of “what I did at the archives!” (Seems that spending 70+ hours in a bar and new BRAND NEW work environment will give you a lot to … Continue reading

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I found the food trucks!

Those of you in more urban/cosmopolitan/not-the-suburbs areas may be thinking, “So?  There are food trucks all over the place.”  Yeah, not so much where I live.  Sure, the county has finally given the green light for food truck operators to apply … Continue reading

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I survived the semester

Paper turned in Sunday night, project dropped off Monday.  For all I know I may have to take the damn research seminar over, but I don’t really care, because I am done. I’ve spent the week reveling in not having … Continue reading

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Even the dog slows down

I love that everything moves a little slower at the beach, and very few people mind.  I know I don’t.  Went out yesterday on an trip up to the shops yesterday and being a turnover day, the traffic was bumper … Continue reading

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Starry, Starry Night Games

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This may have to become an annual ritual

Day 3 of my spring training baseball trip. Lucky jersey worked today as the Padres shutout the Athletics 10-0. The weather has been great, the change of scenery is always good, and I am having a great time. I’m very … Continue reading

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So, I’m sitting here at Ray’s bar at the Glendale Renaissance enjoying a pinot noir and trying to figure out how the Padres managed to drop today’s game to the Cubs 9-2. Really, it was a trouncing, to put it … Continue reading

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