Goooooood Morning!

And Happy Mother’s Day – if you have little ones, I hope they did not trash the kitchen trying to make breakfast for you.

It’s a lovely sunny day today and I have to work again, waaaaaaaahhhhhhh. 😭

But I did get a lot done yesterday afternoon, and took a long hard look at what needs to be done by tomorrow’s deadline – which has been overcome by events anyway, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Calculation group 1 can be cut in half, cause the second half is just flipping a switch that doesn’t actually do anything either way for that particular group. Not doing any more on Calculation group 2, cause I also have Calculation group 3 – which is just 2 on steroids and anything wrong with 2 will show up in 3. Would I like to do all of them in full by tomorrow? Absolutely. But, I don’t have at time machine, so, this will do. Work smarter, not harder or some shit. And they’ll all be retested by the end of the month anyway.

And to think last month our scrum lead was saying “maybe we can move this deadline to the end of April” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I kinda lost my shit in that meeting and said OH HELL NO.

In other stupid stuff, my local Giant food has fully implemented it’s “all our customers are criminals” recalibrations at the self checkouts and it is shit. I’m basically gonna copy & paste my bitch post about them and send it to corporate. The poor kid who works self-checkout watching me get into an argument with the damn register…he said hopefully if enough people complain, they’ll go back. I am ready to do my part!

Like, I had 4 cases of Coke. I did what a normal person does, take one out of the cart, scan it four times, put it back in the cart. Oh NO! It’s not in the bagging area! The bagging area that isn’t big enough for it! Tell me you don’t know how people use self-checkout without telling me. I’d love to use the regular checkouts, but they aren’t properly staffed!

Just stupid and maddening and a company that is NETTING 2.5 Billion with a B euros a year doesn’t need to be doing this.

Welp, time to go get some work done to make the money to afford the groceries that are up 43% year over year from the company who thinks *I’m* the criminal here…

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