Oh Giant Food, do better.

Popped into the market this morning to grab some proteins to go with the farmers market salad stuff and saw a sign with “A Message From The CEO” – the tl;dr is they’re making changes to checkout due to a “significant increase in crime and theft”…

Dude, you have fallen for that right wing talking point of “EVERYONE IS CRIMING” hook, line, and sinker.  And you do understand that by perpetuating this dangerous myth of ”criminals everywhere” – this is how people get shot, right?  Do you get that?  Some armed psycho is going to decide he doesn’t like the look of someone in the market, decide they’re stealing, and fucking shoot them.  

You have fucking insurance for this shit – everyone knows it. The company isn’t in dire straits due to shoplifting.

Here is the question I’d love for you to ask yourself – but I bet you won’t.  “Has our company’s engagement in price gouging right along with our suppliers – while blaming it all on inflation – made food unaffordable?  Should we continue with that?”  I mean, the parent company netting 2.5 BILLION euros a year might not be enough, so yes, definitely keep it up.

And by the way, if I think I see someone shoplifting, no, I didn’t, and I’m gonna go three aisles away and accidentally knock over a display.  

Don’t treat your customers like criminals.

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