Lord, grant me strength or patience or something.

I’m supposed to go on PTO this afternoon for a week, but Sunday & Monday are already pretty much out the window.

I’ve been getting dragged into so much client stuff it’s not even funny. Multiple items sent over that weren’t tested, tested in the wrong DB, been sitting since January, etc, etc. I punted one to a coworker because people keep forgetting she can look at these, too – and I won’t even have time to look at it today.

I know support is totally overwhelmed, but FFS, hire more senior experts, dammit. They have requisitions out, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

A “good” thing is once I realized I’m gonna work on Sunday and probably Monday, I said screw it and logged off last night before I told anyone to go fuck themselves. Today we have a half day and my ass isn’t working until 9AM and I will be logging off at 1PM on the dot and will have my out of office responder on. I’ll get more done Sunday/Monday anyway because NO ONE WILL BE BOTHERING ME.

This afternoon, I should get some things done around the house. I think instead I’m gonna sit my ass down and paint my nails. I’ve got some pretty colors just waiting to get out of the damn bottle.

Well, it’s almost 9AM so I’d best go get myself upstairs and open my laptop. Feels like a good morning to get that security training done.

You have a good Friday and don’t let folks drag you into shit that isn’t your problem.

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