Forget the worm

The early bird gets the potato-cheese strudel at the farmer’s market before they sell out! I am fully back on my farmers market bullshit and I am so happy about it. 🥰🥰🥰

I am showing more restraint than I did the first couple weekends – my brain has acknowledged the fact that it is open every weekend from now until December 16th(!!!) and I don’t have to buy EVERYTHING I SEE. But it is wild what a happy dopamine hit that place is.

Today’s haul included the aforementioned strudel, salad greens, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, sammich & sweet breads, shortbread, potatoes, and paella! And for the potatoes, I grabbed some garlic smoked sausage at the market and I’m gonna do up a sheet pan roasted potatoes and sausage one night this week. Soooooo easy and tasty.

Gotta work this weekend, which suuuuuuuucks, but the upside is that I shouldn’t have anyone interrupting me asking to jump on a client meeting or make a tutorial or any of that nonsense. I don’t mind helping, but I wish we could share the love more among the QC team. When I tallied up things for my timesheet, I realized I’d lost an entire day this week to client issues instead of just doing my job…

The problem is that we have a chunk of clients that have these data restrictions where their stuff can only be seen by US citizens, and the bulk of my team is in another country – and this is why my position even exists in the first place. Which is great, cause I do like my job, but we could certainly use a couple more US based folks.

And Teams is doing its stupid shit again where if I don’t manually set myself as offline at the end of the day, it shows me as online & available when I am decidedly not. I forgot to set it when I logged off yesterday and this morning woke to a message from one of my coworkers in the Philippines at 1AM going, “Uhhh, are you actually online and still working?” I’m dedicated, but not THAT dedicated.

The bit I’m working on this weekend was this last little feature-y thing that got added at the last minute – and the testing needs to be done by Monday, which is fine, but I’m behind because of client stuff and testing other bugs that needed to take priority… But at least I know that the bugs I’ve already tested for shouldn’t be popping up again, so that will speed things up. And second, because I am the farthest behind of anyone in the group – any other bugs really should have been found by others by now.

But, of 22 bugs that were spawned since this code went in, I opened 16 of them – which is why I get a little salty sometimes and feel like others are waiting for me to find things first. And I found another one yesterday that I need to write up and post.

And that is what slows me down so damn much. When everything works, testing goes FAST! But the minute you get a weird number, you have to stop. Is the software wrong or is my calculation messed up? Is it the test data? Then have to setup a totally clean test to replicate and give to development. (I do a separate example so I can just continue on with my primary test data and don’t have to worry about dev going “I went to your example data and it’s all gone.”) Then check prior versions to see if this has existed forever and missed, or if it’s really new. So, that is like an hour right there. Then I continue with testing to see what else is up. Then once the fix is in, I have to start the testing over.

So, the more you find wrong, the longer it all takes. It is what it is, but also, THIS IS WHY IT TAKES ME FREAKING FOREVER AND I DON’T KNOW IF ANYONE REALIZES THIS.

OK, enough yelling for one morning – time to put on my testing hat and get this stuff knocked out.

You have a great day and have a LilyMonster!

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying on the floor looking up at me and looking a bit sad at the lack of sunshine
Where did the sun go?
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2 Responses to Forget the worm

  1. Josh says:

    I have major garlic smoked sausage and roasted potatoes from a farmer’s market envy now.

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