Happy Farmer’s Market Day!!!!

I knew they were opening soon and I’m glad I double checked last night and discovered it was TODAY!!!

And I still cannot be left unsupervised there. I realize part of it is that it provides a HUGE dopamine hit for my weird brain. It’s a combination of the fresh air, exercise, that good feeling you have supporting small local businesses, and FOOD!!

Shot of my farmers market haul - breads, shortbreads, spiced nuts, lettuces, green onions, and two containers of Jamaican jerk pork

The first couple weekends can be a bit sparse, cause it isn’t until the first week of May that all the county markets are open – but not this year. Couple produce vendors weren’t there yet, but the rest of the market was full. Love to see it!

We now have TWO empanada vendors! Two more bakeries! A JAMAICAN FOOD VENDOR! Stephanie’s Bite Sized Bakery with it’s awesome shortbread is back!!

My salad greens vendor also had some cherry tomatoes, but I resisted those – it’s far too early (*sob*) and they were a bit anemic looking – I knew they would be disappointing – but it won’t be long before they’re properly ripe and awesome. And I am just now realizing I saw strawberries, got distracted, and forgot to loop back around for them. Next weekend!

Dinner is sorted thanks to the Kingston Cafe – jerk pork!! (I got two orders – I probably could have gotten away with one, cause OMG, they are huge portions – food for the whole weekend may be sorted.)

First weekend is so fun just because everyone is like me – all smiley and a bit giddy because it means winter is well and truly gone. Definitely worth celebrating.

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