1094 Days

I know everyone has a different day that the pandemic became front and center for them, but ours is Friday, March 13, and 3 years ago today was the last semi-normal-ish day we had. Little did I know I’d be watching the biggest public policy failure in my lifetime other than the AIDS crisis, and in real time.

I will never stop being angry about it. Between TFG’s admin pretending it didn’t exist – no testing, no cases! – and Biden’s fucked up pivot to “personal responsibility” via vaccines, knowing full well they didn’t prevent transmission, but hey, everyone needs to STFU and GBTW. They ALL threw us all under the fucking bus for capitalism.

1.1 million people died – 1,800 IN THIS PAST WEEK – and some folks have the fucking audacity to say the pandemic is over and that we somehow overreacted. These are the same people that can’t figure out why we have a damn labor shortage. Hint: The 1.1 million people that died weren’t all outside the workforce, but if you ask these assholes, it was certainly all old and disabled people who didn’t really matter anyway. Fucking ghouls.

And supposedly our county is down in the “moderate” transmission range, but we’re only testing ~600 people a day in a county with over a million people in it, because no one is reporting home test results, and proper surveillance testing was never a thing here. So, who fucking knows what our actual situation is here. Is it reasonably safe to go have a nice dinner somewhere? Who knows!

I know we were never going the Covid-zero route that China tried, but FFS, we couldn’t even hit a happy medium between that and “appease the right wingers and billionaires at any cost.”

It never had to be like this, and I will never forget and never forgive.

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