Say hi to Iggy!

A Roomba on a beige carpet

Yes, I gave the Roomba a name. It may get googly eyes at some point, too. I let it charge up overnight and sent it off on a 45 minute journey this morning and damn if this isn’t the cleverest household helper I’ve seen in a while.

There were a couple points where it got into kinda tight spaces that I thought I may have to rescue it, but nope, it just did some multi-point turns and found its way out again. I think I’ll need to take a little time to flatten out some of the creases in the area rugs in the parlor (they came folded up) cause I could see Iggy pause and try to figure out if it was going over a threshold or not, but that is easy enough,

When it finished up it’s 45 minutes, it was on the far side of the house from the base and found its way back like it was nothing. (Yes, I followed it, LOL.) I know it’s internal mapping and GPS and whatnot, but it’s very magical to me. SO COOL!

And it’s really quiet, too! The only time it’s as loud as my regular vacuum is when it goes back to the base to empty itself out. Even Lily wasn’t particularly bothered by it – cautious and curious, but no “oh shit, vacuum!” reaction at all.

It hit about 3/4 of the downstairs in the first run – and I’ve discovered it can do a pure “mapping run” and I just kicked one off to see if it can find the rest of the floors.

Screenshot of my Roomba's floor map it created in its first run
Look at him go!

Seriously, I have wanted one of these for such a long time, and I’m so happy I’ve gotten the house to a point where a Roomba can actually do the job, and it’s just so neat!

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