FML – Monday EDT Edition

  • It is Monday.
  • DST kicked in. It will be great tonight, I know it. At 6AM it is not.
  • Even that cat is all WTF, it is still dark.
  • I went to bed early two nights running. It did not help.
  • I forgot to turn on my sunrise alarm last night.
  • I did not fix the time on the thermostat yesterday.
  • I did not put in for today off last fall as I usually do. I DON’T KNOW WHY.

Oh, and it is the 3 year anniversary of Plague Friday.

And today I guess we start to see the full fallout from Silicon Valley Bank. The UK arm has already been sold off to HSBC. US pre-markets show a positive implied open – maybe that is a sign this shit will get sorted quickly. The last thing we need is for this to seize up the credit markets.

We also see that Tim Davie is an idiot, but we knew that since last week – at least he’s realizing he’s a dumbass. Glad to see Lineker’s colleagues stood up for him. Tim, a protip: Your employees are allowed to have opinions, especially when they’re calling out the government for being fascists. BBC needs to get their shit together.

And there is now a wee bit of light out there and on that note, it is time to go slog through the day.

Just get through the best you can today.

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