Guess we’re gonna make Monday a Tuesday this week…

Our deadlines are all screwy this month and it’s gonna be a hella long workweek before I go on PTO – so I’m realizing I’ve really got to hop on the work laptop today and at a minimum, get as much prep work done for testing as I can for the week. Bleah. I may make a concession to the weekend and bring my laptop down to the living room. (I swear, this always happens around holidays and my PTO…)

On the one hand, the excessive hours have greatly decreased since I kinda put my foot down and said, “I have 30 hours a week to test” – cause that other 10 hours is admin/meetings/aww shit this took longer than I thought it would. But I still get a bit resentful about working nights or weekends, and I still have my suspicions that the folks on the other side of the world are working off the books when they shouldn’t be.

COME ON, VIRGINIA LOTTERY NEW YEAR RAFFLE!! LOL, no, I don’t think I’ll win, but I always grab a couple tickets every year, cause it’s fun. (And sadly, wouldn’t be enough to retire, but it would speed up the process.)

So, the cleaning discord server that got all weird – it’s totally dead, no one has posted since the mod scared everyone off. One person said, “yeaah, I’m gonna take a little break” after the weirdness – and the mod booted them from the server. So, she setup a new server, basically the same format, invited everyone who was active on the old server and we’re all back in business cheering each other on as we try to get shit done around the house. (And the person who requested the channel that got the mod all twirled up and set off the shitstorm – he’s got his channel now, and no one minds at all.)

I did still setup my own personal server just to play around with it and see how it works – it’s kinda neat.

But, it’s time to stop playing with tech toys and do some work. Bleah, again.

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