OK, that was fun.

Glad I got out to the Christmas market (and happy it even existed, it seems 95% of them were last weekend.) Getting out of the house and getting some exercise definitely did me some good.

It was small, but nice and I showed great restraint at the Japanese ceramics stand. The local library foundation had a booth with gift boxes, and I got one for my brother – it has a mug, coaster, tea towel, candle & a little succulent, and helps the library.

Bopped around the historic district and got a little disgruntled at all the restaurants cause I’m still not eating indoors. :( Popped into a little gift shop and realized it was a VERY religious gift shop, which isn’t really my jam, but there was a puppy.

Gif from Elf: So, good news... I saw a dog today

And I spent a LOT of time playing with the puppy and felt like I had to get something – but they had little stained glass angels so I got one of those and it’s going on the tree. Perfectly acceptable puppy tax to pay.

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