Downhill side of the week.

And it’s a good thing, since yesterday was such a bad brain day – I think because I was really tired and everything was just incredibly stupid.

Crap like me being very gung ho on vaccines while still not feeling like it will work when the time comes so I’m stuck in a “might as well not be vaccinated” holding pattern. So I look and feel like a fucking weirdo. Pfizer saying the booster works against Omicron but they’re also working on an Omicron specific shot – not helping. Super stoked about staying home until May.

The fun little discord server for folks who are cleaning impaired like me went sideways.  Mod got super weird about some truly benign stuff and basically scared everyone off. It was a nice little group with the right amount of activity, so I’m bummed about that. Someone pointed me to a similar server, but it’s got a fuckton of channels, and too much activity for me to keep up with.

Maybe I’ll just start my own discord server and talk to myself, LOL.

And on top of it all, I’m not feeling terribly Christmasy. Right now it just feels like a lot of work that I don’t have enough time to get done and there are already delivery delays. Maybe this is another good year to enlist Swiss Bakery for the baking…

But today is a new day and all that happy horseshit, LOL.

ETA: OH hello random nausea, that’s EXACTLY what I needed this morning. 🤢

ETA2: Since I’ve been dead tired for 2 days with an upset stomach this morning, and spent unmasked time at the dentist on Friday, did a Covid test – negative, YAY! I will retest in 2 days to be sure. But I guess I’m just tired from *waves hands maniacally* all this, Andy coffee just isn’t sitting right this morning.

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