Fuck me, it’s Monday already and I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.

Work is probably going to be ridiculous this week.

Additional holiday things have reared their heads which require a few more errands, but at least they’re very local.

I probably should have gotten up earlier today, but too late for that, LOL. I think the rest of the week will be 6AM wakeups, ouch.

Indulge me while I plot out my day and week – if I say it “out loud” it will stick… V1 testing is done, knocked that out yesterday. V0 testing today. V2 testing the rest of the week.

CVS today at lunch. Acupuncture appointment tomorrow after work, with potential return to work afterwards. Little stitching project needs to be done mid-week so I can get it in the mail. Handful of holiday cards need to go out, because my supervisor is apparently sending some out, so I find myself in a bit of a corner there. Hair appointment Friday afternoon, with a possible return to work afterwards despite the half day, just depends on how things are going.

Last of gift shopping needs to be done by Wednesday.

Also realized if I am going ahead and getting the two bathroom faucets replaced next Monday, I have to clear out the cabinets under the sink, and also get the powder room spiffed up a bit. That can hold until Saturday at least, and thankfully the powder room is in pretty good shape to start with.

Cookies? Fuck if I know. That may be a trip to the bakery next Tuesday morning. I’m just not sure I have 2 days of baking in me this year.

I just hate how everything seems to get exceptionally bunched up before holidays and PTO.

I know the important stuff will get done, and anything else is probably not that important. But yikes, it’s gonna be A WEEK.

I hope your week is nice and calm!

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