We are boostered!

Of course, not without a little bit of clusterfuckness.

My brother’s appointment was not nuked from the system, but the pharmacist looked at our cards and said, “It hasn’t been six months.”

Um, your website makes a point of saying “Put in the EXACT DATE of your last shot as this determines when you can get the booster.” It then takes that date, adds 180 days (which is the actual timeframe called out by Pfizer, CDC, etc) and the next day is your eligibility day.

And that day was today, which was perfect cause I have today and tomorrow off.

Tell pharmacist, “Walgreens website calculated the date…” She is not impressed. (Understandable given how the website is kinda shit for anything other than just shopping.)

She says she’ll give us the boosters even though it’s 3 days early. (It is not. It has been 181 days.)

I can’t be the only one who ends up scheduling the booster on the 1st day they can for whatever reason.

Walgreens really needs to make sure that their pharmacists know how they’re determining eligibility – 180 days, not “6 months.”

But, it’s done! And next time, we’ll go to the Giant down the street instead!

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