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I will not eat all the cheese tonight…

We have smoked gouda, hickory smoked cheddar, brie, Tennessee whiskey bella vitano and black pepper bella vitano. Both the bella vitanos are gooooooooood and it’s taking everything I have to not just start gorging myself. We also have 3 kinds … Continue reading

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I have peopled too much today

But, we have a turkey and beer. Pro tip: If you are ordering from Honey Baked Ham for a holiday, always pay online when you order vs pay when you pickup. While you won’t be able to add any extras … Continue reading

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Lily is a MOOD this morning

As someone who woke up on the grouchy side this morning, I understand. (I have since eaten – it has helped immensely.) I have to go out in the world today, god help me, but the turkey must be picked … Continue reading

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