Happy Veterans Day

A sincere thank you to all our servicemembers out there. Sorry our government is kinda fucked up, but hopefully we’ll have a couple years of not starting any new wars.

And for everyone else, I hope you have today off and can enjoy it, and if not – a quiet day at least. This offer not extended to the decision makers at Kingstowne landscaping who decided to have folks work today and start leaf collection right across the street at 7 FUCKING 15 AM. Love to get to sleep in a whole extra 10 minutes on a day off.

It’s vaccine booster day today – at least for me, not totally sure about my brother… Back in April, I made a Walgreens account for him with a second email on the fly when I made the initial appointments. (It was 7AM on a Sunday, it was easier than waking him up.) I thought he had gone in and changed the email address, but when I made the booster appointments, I was still able to log in on the old email. OK.

Well, seems he made a whole new account in May, never logged back in, and last night when he logged in to do the consent form – it deactivated the old account, and the appointments are gone, and he can’t even look it up by confirmation #, because the lookup page field for confirmation numbers is 5 characters shorter than the actual confirmation number. Great webdev there, Walgreens.

So, we have a confirmation number for the appointment, but no idea if it was canceled or if it still exists. If all else fails, the Giant just down the street is doing Pfizer boosters, and they have appointments next week as soon as Monday. (Should have just done that in the first place vs. deciding we needed to go to Walgreens again, but I am an idiot.)

And my fucking brain… Went out to fill up the car this morning, and thought, “I should do the car wash, too”

Me: Yes, it’s fill up the car day, therefore car wash day.
Fucking Brain [FB]: But we have the booster appointments today, and the car wash will take time.
Me: It literally takes 5 minutes, and the appointment isn’t until 12:50 PM and it’s 8:20 AM.
Me: It. Will. Be. Fine.
Get to gas station, pump #10 is broken and spewing at gas by the single drop…
Go inside, buy carwash, tell them pump #10 is busted, move car to new pump, card declined (the 25 cents charged on the first attempt followed by indoor purchase apparently set off some flags…)
Me: *sigh*
Get gas with different card, get carwash, back home before 9AM.
FB: That was really close, you know…

My brain is so ridiculous sometimes.

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