You made it to another Friday!

YAY YOU! Booster aftereffects aren’t bad, sore arm, little tired (but I was also up late last night) and my hip joints are kinda stiff? My brother has the same things going on – the hips are a little weird but it also could be that we both slept like rocks last night and didn’t move at all while sleeping.

And when the pharmacist did the shot, she said, “Two weeks and you’re boostered up, just in time for Thanksgiving!” I’ll admit, I deflated a bit on that – I don’t know why I thought it would be any different than the initial shots, but watch, two weeks and cases will be back through the roof.

And speaking of Thanksgiving – that just got a fuckton easier. On the way home from the shots, we hit the Honey Baked Ham store and got some sandwiches and my brother grabbed a catalogue and I was looking through it last night – AND THEY HAVE TURKEY BREASTS.

Last year was such a clusterfuck trying to just find a damn decent sized turkey breast, I was about to call the butcher shop and see if I could order one through them – but yeah, I’ve placed the order with HBH and will be picking it up that Wednesday. And it’s Honey Baked, they don’t put out garbage food, and they also have a new side – Honey Baked Beans, so that ended up in the cart, too, LOL.

And it’s not that roasting a turkey breast is particularly hard, but trading the prep & cook time for “heat up this ready to go item from a trusted source?” – I’m all in. I feel ever so slightly guilty about it but I am sure that will be gone when I can sleep in a little longer on Turkey Day. And there was an older couple in the store and they were buying ALL THE SIDES, and I do not blame them one bit.

Everything is still kinda hard even on a good day – when those shortcuts present themselves, take them.

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