Why is it still dark?

OK, I know, but, also, why is it still dark? Got a meeting at 8 this morning, so I’m up even earlier than usual.

Crazy productive weekend around the house – gotta bring a plumber in the next week or so, hence the renewed focus on getting shit done around here. Entry hall & kitchen are looking damn good and I am very pleased with my work.

And housekeeping is something to do while we’re still waiting for cases to drop again… (If I’d only taken this track in March of 2020…) And it keeps me from doomscrolling Twitter to boot.

More stitching done, too, but I forgot to take a most recent shot of it, and I’m too lazy to pull in out of the bag this morning.

And we’ve hit the point of the year where we suddenly have heat in the morning. Lily is smashed up against the heat register as I type this, LOL.

You have a great Monday.

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