Yay, long weekend

Well, the day off is already off to a good start – woke up before my alarm, coffee has been acquired, and little bro’s birthday breakfast/dessert is here. (Seriously, if he’d asked for a three layer German Chocolate Cake, I would have figured out how to make one, but if it’s donuts he wants, I will not argue, LOL.)

On the Covid front, we’ve had 4 days in “substantial” transmission – fingers crossed that this downturn sticks. (The last dip only lasted 3 days, *sob*) National Zoo has canceled it’s two big fall/winter events – though they’re outside, they’re usually jam packed with kids, so I get it, but damn that sucks.

And holy shit, we have a malaria vaccine!! This is amazing and awesome and I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re not going to see a bunch of anti-vax assholes in African countries when they start rolling this out to folks, cause they actually understand that malaria is fucking bad and you don’t want to get it.

Welp, time to hit up the butcher shop for some really good porkchops for dinner.

You have a fantastic day and stay safe.

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