Woo, it’s my Friday

Yay for PTO to burn and a reason to use it. (Still the weirdest work problem I’ve had in a long while.) Tomorrow is the Festival of Donald as he turns 29 yet again. (I am not old enough to have a brother who is 30 years old. I don’t think I ever will be.)

So, I’m taking tomorrow off so I can make dinner without having to rush around after work to make it happen and if I’m taking tomorrow off, well, might as well take Friday off, too.

And for his birthday dessert, he has requested DONUTS! Not homemade, not exotic, he’s just provided a list of Dunkin’ favorites. He was like, “OK, this may be weird” – hell, if that’s the sweet thing you want, works for me.

And today is early meeting Wednesday and he was up at the crack all of dawn and GOT COFFEE!! (It’s not been a good “remember to make cold brew” week for me.)

In other work stuff, one of my buddies from support got another gig in the company doing client demos – she’s going to be perfect for it and it will be so much less stressful for her, and I am SO happy and excited for her! We had a good time talking about all the new upsides – no fighting for leave, no having your lunch scheduled for you, time to breathe and think, and overall a better environment to work in.

Well, time to plow through the day and start the weekend!

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