Early Up Sunday

I don’t hate being a semi-morning person on the weekends. Kinda nice to have a little more of the day to be lazy. :)

Going to the art fair yesterday was an excellent idea – I’m going to have to make this an annual thing. Tons and tons of talented artists, good food, and a beautiful day for it. Walked a couple miles and the whole thing just totally lifted my mood. It’s almost as though getting out and getting some exercise is good for you or something.

I greatly restrained myself with the ceramics as we have no room for more coffee mugs, but I did get some little sauce dishes so I can stop using the mini tupperware tops for BBQ sauce when I eat my chicken nuggets. Like an adult.

I did not show that restraint at the maple syrup farm stand and have maple pecans, walnuts, and maple candies.

A better person would have gone to the women’s march, but I am not that person. Mostly because I’m not sure what it accomplishes. It isn’t going to make the conservatives on the Supreme Court or in Congress or State legislatures stop treating anyone who isn’t a rich, white, straight, Christian male as disposable and unworthy of human rights. Liberal folks already know we’re super pissed. It’s not going to make Sinema or Manchin get their heads on straight. The only solution I see is voting these motherfuckers out of office and write litigation-proof laws to take SCOTUS out of the equation.

I needed an afternoon of being joyful, not being angry. I know I’m privileged to even make that consideration. But, I have plenty of anger to go around.

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