Good grief

Love to see a coworker post that her husband has reluctantly gotten vaccinated due to threat of job loss. She is immunocompromised and cannot get vaccinated. Like, what the shit? It took possibly losing his job, not HER health and safety? If I had an SO that pulled that shit, I’d kick them to the curb. Hell, if my *brother* pulled that shit, one of us would be living elsewhere. But, at least we have one more vaccinated person out there.

On a far more positive note, I’m going to an Art Fair this afternoon! It’s all outdoors *and* they have requested that everyone mask up! Fall 2019 when I went to a plant sale at the county garden park, one of the vendors told me about it and it sounded great and I didn’t make it that year and then the pandemic hit, and I happened to see it on an event calendar yesterday – and dammit, life is too short to miss festivals and fairs.

You have a great Saturday with vaccinated and masked folks. :)

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