3 day week, yay!

And Lily is hollering at me, because, I guess I slept through the night and did not spend that time fussing and loving on her. So, I’m trying to type and love on her at the same time. It is not easy.

Of course, she won’t just sit on the couch next to me or get in my lap, but insists on sitting on the end table next to me just barely within reach. I’m gonna pull a muscle in my back trying to reach her.

I’m trying to start on my next stitching project and hoo boy, the universe was not cooperating yesterday. First one, no grey floss, so that’s on order. Next one while first on hold – can’t find the aida I cut for it, then I don’t seem to have the light green floss that came with the kit. Cut another piece of aida, found some other light green thread in my stash, but by the time I did all that, I decided it would be best to set it aside until after work today lest I somehow screw it up right out of the gate.

And I’m realizing as I caffeine myself up for work – I have no idea what is on tap today. Absolutely none. So I’d say it was a successful weekend as I not only didn’t think of work, but purged all knowledge of it from my brain. (Yo, universe, give me that Powerball prize I can continue this, LOL.)

Well, time to go do the thing and make the money in case I don’t win that lottery. You have an awesome day.

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