Hellooooooo Monday!

Dear Monday, I’m going to try and greet you with more grace – it’s not your fault that capitalism ruined you.

Bit bleary eyed this morning, as I slept pretty well til about 4:30 when a certain kitty needed snacks and love and I didn’t really fall back asleep til around 6.

And school starts today! With masks! And required vaccines for the adults! Passed by a large gaggle of teenagers waiting for the bus stop on my way to Starbucks – I do not miss that one bit. And they were gone when I returned, so that route at least has a bus and driver. (We’re having our annual issues with not having enough bus drivers.) One kid at the bus stop had lime green hair. I love that they can do that now – I don’t think that would have gone over well in my day.

And I’m so glad I got the shelves up yesterday. It took all of an hour at the most, including clearing out the spot for them. It’s between the TV and other plant shelf, and was a collection spot for old DVD’s and I shit you not, some VHS tapes. I tossed those – I really don’t need 20 year old pilates videos. And vacuumed. And vacuumed. And vacuumed some more. There is so much dust in this house. But it’s nice to have more space for the 13(!) plants, and a proper shelf for the router.

This coming weekend, I need to try to get together the rolling shelves for the bathroom – as much of a nice difference the shelves made down here, I know it will do the same upstairs. Also thinking there are probably more spots around the house I could tuck in skinny shelves like the ones downstairs – they were super easy to assemble and look nice, and anything that gets crap off the floor…

Well, time to go make some money to buy more shelves. Payday and half day Friday this week, and I don’t think anything insane is going on in my testing realm, so it should be a reasonable week.

Go get ’em.

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