*checks self* Yup, still really annoyed.

OK, let’s get clear on the things I’m not mad at first.  Not mad that the CDC is recognizing that the Delta variant is A Problem.

I am annoyed at…

  • The fact that the Delta variant became a problem AT ALL.
  • That the messaging feels like it magically sprung from the loins of vaccinated folks and it’s somehow our fault.
  • That yet again, the folks that did their bit from the get-go have to do it all again because of the folks who didn’t. Worst group project EVER.
  • Folks in charge thought the honor system would work for keeping unvaccinated people masked up.  HAVE YOU BEEN HERE THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF?
  • The “guidance” is useless without Federal/State/Local regulation and I’m not seeing that yet around here.

Ran up to Starbucks and they haven’t canceled dine in (they only just reinstated it a few weeks ago) and over half the folks in there were unmasked – they’re not going back unless they have to.  And with no mandate, they will not.

Sure, we’re “moderate risk” – today.  But pur county’s positivity rate has gone from 1.5% to 2.6% in 9 days.  We’re not going to be at moderate risk for long.

Sure, I’ll keep masking up and staying the fuck away from people and going back to front porch happy hour, cause it helps everyone.

I don’t want to because I know damn good and well it didn’t have to be this way, yet again. But I will.

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